Polishes Available For Swap

If you would like to swap nail polish with me just let me know! 
Please send me an email and we can work something out!
I love swapping as much as I love buying new nail polish!
Here you find a lot of Nail Polish Brands from Brazil:
You can search more swatches of this nail polishes on Google Image or Flickr using the names and brands described in each picture and boards.

  • Shipping internationally is VERY expensive from Brazil to other Country, and for send 1 nail polish costs the same price as I send 10. So I can only make a swap with at least 8 itens!
  • I'm used to swap for the number of bottle, 1 nail polish for 1 nail polish - The nail polish prices changes a lot around Brazil, so that's it's the most fair way to me.
  • Here's some link from swaps I've already made: 

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